Know about us

Art Indian Gallery is a online market place for all Indian art lovers. We conducts regular online exhibitions  on our home page and we encourage all our artists to display their fresh stocks here. 

As an art collector, you are free to interact with the artist directly and buy at the best price that they can offer. All the artworks will be directly sent from artist location with their authenticity certificate. 

We additionally create a branding web page for every artist which lists their latest artworks, solo exhitions, bio-data, all listed social networks and phone numbers.

Art Indian Gallery is that central arena that brings two worlds together with a progressive outlook. On one hand the artists get the much needed platform to display and express their art to the masses while on the other art collectors have a plethora of options to choose from in order to enhnance their art collection. This makes it a comprehensive solution for both Artists and Art collectors unanimously. The Art Gallery has been encompassed, to become a connecting bridge between the artist and the connoisseur.


We conduct regular online exhibition where every artists from India  can participate. All they have to do is paint, take a good picture of it and upload a low resolution image. We take care of everything to setup their exhibition. 

How to buy artworks from Art Indian Gallery?

As an art collector, you can browse our website and select the artist and artwork that you wanted to purchase or hire. Use our contact form and submit your query to the artist. You can also call their listed phone numbers or contact them through their social network sites.

For customized requirements, do send your need. We will send a consoliated quotes from various artists and you may then choose to hire an artist based on your budget and need. 

Artist will ship the artwork with the authenticity certificate to your address. All the artworks are sent from artist location and Art Indian Gallery does not involve in your sale deal or verification of the details provided by the artist.

More about Indian Art

Our primary focus here is to promote Indian art. Indian art has been characterized to have a strong sense of design right from the Pre-Historic time and we want the tradition to keep going for years to come. As we all know that Indian art is as colourful, vibrant and diverse as its people.   we make an attempt to integrate both Traditional Art as well as Contemporary Art.

Enjoy our Indian Art and write to us if you have any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions.